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Broken – Reclamation

Broken is a story that is best read Chronologically to start from the beginning – Prologue

It was just about a week since the email. Finally we agreed to discuss it in person and work out the logistics. We had already made a plan to spend some time together but that was tenuous, at least to me, until we spoke. I had moved to a new office so she would come to visit me there. As the time approached my stomach was butterflies. How would i react to this conversation?

This new office space was one of those co working spaces but had doors to our offices. She texted she was about to arrive. I waited out on the patio for her. She walked up and she looked good as usual, a summery sun dress. I ushered her to my office. I said “do you want to go first?” She said she understood how I felt and that she was sorry but felt it was important to have some freedom but that she loved me so much. It was difficult to reconcile these two things.

I said I made a decision I still wanted her in my life and was not ready to say good bye. We both talked about the logistics. I said I don’t want to hear about you being on dates. She was surprised. Almost as if I should be supportive of it. I told her this time and a few other times I can support you in anything except you breaking my heart. And in that I will be in self preservation mode. I didn’t understand it at the time but it would have greater significance at some point.

The conversation wasn’t as difficult as i thought. There was always this thing that changed from text to in person. Like our physical presence with each other creates a peace, or at least that is what I felt.

We hadn’t had sex or been intimate in about 6 weeks but I could tell she wanted to be. I had it in the back of my mind that it might be the case. And I remember something a polyamorous person said to me once, about when she would go back to her husband after a date. He would have something called reclamation sex. And I thought if Hailey and I are going to have sex I am going to go that route. The woman never explained that there was any style to this just that she had to have sex with him shortly after seeing someone else. But in my mind if sex was on the table I was going to fuck her within an inch of her life.

We started to kiss and like always sparks flew. I started to run my hands down her body and over her bubble butt that I loved. I squeezed… hard. I hoisted her up underneath her ass as if she was a feather, I had so much adrenaline running through my veins at that point I could have bench pressed a Buick. I placed her back flat on the desk. I pulled up her skirt and went down and attacked her pussy with my tongue and lips. Pleasure was only second on my mind. I was making sure she knew whose it was. I was forceful but not rough. I sucked on her clit like I was angry with it. She moaned and I didn’t care if anyone in the office could hear. I did this til she begged me to fuck her.

As I stood up I slid two fingers in her and griped her down there just to hold her by it. I wanted no interruption on me owning her there. My other hand yanked down my pants as if I had practiced it and then grabbed my already engorged cock and shoved it in. I was not gentle but had no intention to hurt her, just dominate. I was reclaiming her and I was angry about her decision. So I tried to let my natural most primal Dom show through. I looked her in the eye as I would withdraw slow and slam into her fast with all the force I could muster. But I wasn’t satisfied with my control yet. I needed more. I grabbed her throat and squeezed, not hard enough to completely cut off her air but enough to where it was not easy to breathe.

I fucked her relentlessly and didn’t even care if she came or if she had pleasure. I wanted total and utter dominance. I wasn’t going to stop until I saw it in her eyes. Finally when I saw her nearly pass out from less oxygen and just getting pounded I knew it was time to cum. I can cum quite a bit and something about the nature of this encounter I knew I was going to fill her up. When I was about to let go I leaned over her almost missionary while she was on top of the desk. And grabbed a handful of hair and forced her eyes on me. I came so hard and kissed her like life depended upon it as I filled her up. She was spent. I think she even said wow.

During these encounters I feel like it is important to be gentle after. I couldn’t snuggle but I stood her up fixed her dress grabbed her face and kissed her. And asked would you like some lunch? She said no I am meeting my friend. I said ok. We sat down and talked for a bit then we said good bye.

I got a text from her later with a selfie with her and her friend at lunch. And the funniest thing ever texted to me… “Um ya we had lunch on the patio and I got up and you came flying out of me in front of my friend.” (She never wore panties). We laughed we had the same sense of humor.

I have never used sex to my advantage in my life until that day. I have never unleashed my full primal up to that point. And it felt good. It would be difficult to replicate because of the heightened emotion because there was all the angst of a Punk Rock song in that moment. But would this keep Hailey close…?

Author: Matt

Hi, I’m Matt. Just your average uneventful guy. Going through something I couldn’t possible ever thought possible.

6 thoughts on “Broken – Reclamation”

  1. Dayummm.

    But my real comment is ….. at this point, did you just expect the unexpected with her with whatever was going to happen next? In some ways it seems her pattern(s) are predictable and, in other ways, she’s not.

    Liked by 1 person

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