Broken – 21 Days – Day 2

Day 2 and all is well. Not much to report but last night I was able to go sit at a bar and have some dinner. Now that most everything is open where I live I can escape my neighborhood.

Broken is a story that is best read Chronologically to start from the beginning – Prologue

Day 2 and all is well. Not much to report but last night I was able to go sit at a bar and have some dinner. Now that most everything is open where I live I can escape my neighborhood. So I drove to a outdoor mall like area there were lots of people out. Struck out no seats at the first place. Back up plan was fine.

I managed to avoid any troubled areas this weekend. I walked a different route. Ran mostly a different route. But not so worried about crossing on my run. I am usually pretty lost in it. I can put some blinders on.

Tonight is a tough feeling. And a few times my body just wants to go walk down that way but thank god my will power is decent. Darcey has helped me through this as well.

So hoping day 2 turns into day 7 fast enough. I have a great event tomorrow and something I am looking forward to.

Author: Matt

Hi, I’m Matt. Just your average uneventful guy. Dedicated Dad, emapth, and nurturer. Going through something I couldn’t possible ever thought possible. My story is called Broken. About an affair at the end of a long marriage and how ultimately I experienced the worst heartbreak of my life. It's honest, raw, and a little bit entertaining. I hope to share my story so people can learn while being therapeutic for myself.

4 thoughts on “Broken – 21 Days – Day 2”

  1. I am proud of you, my friend. It’s not easy to resist the call, but you are doing it! And, in a few weeks… you will have broken this habit. Glad you were able to get out and have a good time. I hope those vacations plans are coming along 🙂

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