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Broken – Sex Club

Figured I just would out it right off the bat. That’s right Darcey and I went to a sex club. I am going off the rails this summer. But truth be told it was a nice experience even if I was a little nervous and not really ready for it.

Figured I just would out it right off the bat. That’s right Darcey and I went to a sex club. I am going off the rails this summer. But truth be told it was a nice experience even if I was a little nervous and not really ready for it.

The place was nice, well kept and had a night club feel. Other than you know the rooms for sex that were well attended to and the fact you could have sex right in the open oh and the people dressed like they were at a sex club… it was like any other night club.

We had no expectations going in to the evening. We had thought about the fact that we might have sex with relatively perfect strangers but were not obligated to. And everyone there is nice. You need consent even if you had previous consent again if you went back for seconds or thirds you needed to ask each time. lol.

The thing is now that we have gone to a couple of different experiences Darcey and I are in no mans land with matching up with others in this world. We are too young for most of the crowd and then the left over pieces we are a little older than. You are either 50+ and comfortable with everything or young and brave people.

There were only couples there that night. Which is typical. The club tries to maintain a balanced male to female ratio. And the easiest way is to limit it to couples. The issue of the night… There were far more attractive women than men there. This actually surprised me. And even though she would have taken one of the team for me. I wasn’t about to subject Darcey to someone she was not attracted to. We are compounded by the fact that we both look 10 years younger than we are… perhaps 15 in that lighting.

It didn’t take long for me to realize I was not quite ready for a full experience quite yet. As I watched a woman get fingered by a man while in his lap right in front of me. She was sexy and wore pretty much nothing but a skirt. But they were also a little full of themselves. Exhibition aside you could tell they liked themselves a little too much. But realized I am a little behind the curve.

We danced a little I watched a girl give a guy a bj then get bent over on the dance floor. It got relatively wild at some point. But as much as I was not ready I was comfortable in that environment. Nothing made me blush or freak out. Including the girl in rope suspension or even when I noticed one guy getting pegged and spanked by his Domme in a corner.

I realized a bunch of things that night… like voyeurism turns me on not at all. I never got excited watching someone else in any activity. So just by being there I was learning something. I also studied the environment and realized when everyone likes to play. How things happen. But for the most part very few people played with someone they didn’t come with. Surprising but they have only been open a few weeks since being shut down by the pandemic. I think people are just trying to get their footing back socializing. Even the pervs and kinksters.

For introverts like Darcey and I, it was already hard. Being out of practice for settings like this it is going to take some time.

I also realized there are three big ifs regarding my willingness to fully participate… 1. If we see a couple or single girl we are attracted to and 2. if we connect with them and 3. if I have the right amount of lack of sobriety or lowered inhibition I will participate.

The problem was none of those ifs were happening that night. As number 3 can affect numbers 1 and 2 that ‘if’ was crushed by the fact that we waited at the door for a long time.

This was terrible for me. The anticipation and hallway lighting and lack of atmosphere sobered me up fast. It took far too long to get back any buzz or level of intoxication that lowered my inhibitions. Typically I don’t need much but the timing was off for liquid, or another form of enhanced courage, to help us break that initial ice.

We spent most of the evening observing but had a great time. Towards the end of the night we decided to go to a room and have sex with each other. We left the curtain open and let people watch us, my idea. This I did not mind at all. Not sure if I was turned on because at that point I was soooo tired and finally drunk so it was kind of a blur. But we put on a decent show. And some people enjoyed it. It was a great way to kind of break the ice for it without going beyond my comfort zone.

I do want to go back again. More prepared and a little less nervous and anticipating. After all it really is nothing more than a night club where you won’t get arrested for having sex. And they provide as clean and safe an experience for you to have those experiences. Kudos to those who run it. At no time did I feel like it was seedy or gross or anything less than a place I could go to and feel like it was ok for me to be there. Everyone even had to have a vaccination card to get in.

I swore off night clubs in my 20’s tired of the testosterone and toxic masculinity that comes with the territory. This was anything but. Just mature adults looking to have a good time. It was refreshing actually and way more than interesting and happy and proud of myself for going.

Author: Matt

Hi, I’m Matt. Just your average uneventful guy. Going through something I couldn’t possible ever thought possible.

7 thoughts on “Broken – Sex Club”

  1. Really enjoyed reading this. I admit the words ‘Sex Club’ drew me in, but I liked the honesty, you didn’t sugar-coat it and admitted the mixed emotions. You caught something really important though, that spark, that indescribable something that makes a moment come alive and click, and I suppose the potential danger of expectations getting in the way. I admit I did like that you’s had sex with the curtains open, that I find exciting and even though by then you weren’t like feeling it as much as you’d like, I imagine you made some people’s night, which is a good thing. Voyeurism can be quite a thrill, being watched for sure. I do like the sound of this place 🙂

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    1. Thanks Emmaleela! Well I wanted to throw it out there cause that is what it was. I agree on that spark. My tendency is to want things to happen organically. And I am an INFJ which makes me want to ‘feel’ the situation out first. I did forget to mention the moment where we were on the couch and Darcey rubbing me while watching the surrounding activity. I also liked that bit of exhibitionism and voyeurism. As I think being an ‘active’ participant in the scene turned me on. If you like the sound come for a visit. Single women come in free with a couple. 🤣

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  2. Sounds like you guys had a good time! Many years ago when I was still in the “lifestyle” my Dom took me to Hellfire in NYC. It wasn’t what we thought it would be. While there were people in a scene, it essentially became a free for all and no rules. While it was clear I was with someone as I wore my collar and stood close to him another Dom offered me a whip to beat his sub. My Dom did not like that he was so brazen to approach me. Another had his sub tied up and had guys fucking her with a dildo. there were few people who were in the life the rest were there to get their jollies off. While wrapped in his arms while he sat on a stool some guy decided to grab my ass hard and right up into my crack!!! He almost got his ass kicked but we left right after. We wanted to go to the Vault but Hellfire had turned us off. The Vault was more of a sex club and he wasn’t sure about what could happen if he brought me.

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    1. Wow that sounds wild and sexy. A collar? Storm… Yes!!. haha. There was an orgy room and a girl was suspended by rope and a couple having sex. And some girl getting spanked endlessly. But Most of it was just out there sex.


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