About Broken

Broken is a blog about a story of a relatively quiet man in a relatively quiet town having an affair after being loyal in marriage for almost 20 years. All names are changed to protect any parties involved including the author.

It is best to read the story chronologically so each part makes sense. I intended to make this story a recount of my experiences told through my set of eyes as honestly as I can tell it. I will delve into some of the excitement but also analyze the human behavior as much as I can from an amateur perspective while pulling on some ideas from sources that deal with the psychology of this.

I am an INFJ empath. I analyze and agonize over why something is happening. And where Haley is always living in her emotions and can be cryptic it is a great case study in how our behaviors affected each other.

I hope as an audience people can learn and be entertained a little as it is a fascinating story. But realize there were real people behind these stories with real love and pain. If you can find in your heart to have empathy for us all… Haley, My EX, James, Our Children and even me it is appreciated. Life is messy at times…