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F#cking Dating – I Can’t Believe I Did That

Pandemic dating can be a little interesting. People’s sensibilities are all over the place. My thought is this. I wear my mask. I don’t see anyone except my daughter, ex, my parents, and a few friends. So having a date with someone who is of similar mindset is a very low risk.

Pandemic dating can be a little interesting. People’s sensibilities are all over the place. My thought is this. I wear my mask. I don’t see anyone except my daughter, ex, my parents, and a few friends. So having a date with someone who is of similar mindset is a very low risk.

But what to do? Outdoor dining is about all that is available. So there has to be in home dates. It seems very taboo today. I know that safety is the concern but it seems like the expectation of sex being at someone’s place is the issue. When I make a date I offer because some are not ok with the safety of dining out. So being at my place is one of those options.

One such date was with someone who was super nice. We agreed to hangout in my building take advantage of the amenities. We spoke at length probably 2 weeks and at her suggestion we meet. I was lukewarm I wasn’t sure how attracted to her I was. But I really enjoyed our conversation.

She came over it was one of those type of online dates where in pictures they are good at highlighting angles, etc. It mostly looked like her but not quite as good, and I was already on the fence. I get it everyone is going to put their best pictures out there. But sometimes people really go to the extreme. Anyways I wasn’t that deterred but a little disappointed. This kind of thing always gives you a gut check on the honesty factor. I have heard some horror stories around this. Gemma has a great story about it except she went a different route, haha.

We had some dinner and then hung out on the roof deck and then in the lounge by the fire. We ended up talking to another couple in the building and it started getting late. So I invited her upstairs figuring we would talk with just each other and she would go home.

It was already late and then I noticed something after an hour of conversation it was midnight and she kept drinking. Uh-oh. I tried talking to her and letting her sober up maybe, but I was fading fast and noticed she wasn’t talking about leaving yet. Oh boy. I thought maybe if I just kiss her she will understand that was it for the night. So I got up and kissed her. The next thing I knew she was back peddling to the bedroom and in about less than three minutes. My cock was in her mouth. Purely of her doing. I won’t take responsibility for it only in that I didn’t stop it.

I was kind of thinking “shit”. But I may as well get this done so I can go to sleep. After she sucked my dick for several minutes I undressed her and reached for the condoms and was trying to take her to pound town. I wanted it to be fast and furious. So I could sleep. I wasn’t thinking about consequences I just wanted to sleep and sometimes the fastest way between two points is fucking something.

It wasn’t great it wasn’t awful but it was pretty close. Very rarely is there a moment where I am not fully in it with sex. This time I was not. She came twice then finally I did. Yay! sleep. But she wasn’t getting up to get dressed… Ugh. I offered her a shirt so she could sleep. She quickly accepted and was under my covers before I knew it.

I don’t sleep well with new people I just don’t, can’t, just ugh. So the morning came and I barely slept. My dog was there. I got up at about 7:30 AM took the dog out sat and watched some news in the living room. No movement. I came in at 8:30 and offered her coffee thinking that was THE hint. She said sure. I made it she still didn’t move I brought it to her in bed… FUCK!. This is not going well.

I finally climbed into bed out of pure exhaustion and she rolled and put her head on my chest. Maybe I will fall asleep. Within moments of her running her hands on me, I felt her drift south. I just couldn’t believe it. How many hints could I have given that I wanted my day back. Sure enough her hand landed on my dick. She stroked me for a few minutes before I was back in her mouth. I finally just acquiesced.

Another condom. I rolled on top of her and took her to Pound Town version 2.0. Faster more Furious. That’s right the fucking sequel to this horror movie. Thank god within about 15 minutes I came. I felt fortunate that my dick didn’t let me down, which normally 15 minutes would be a let down. But not today!

I finally uttered something like I have to go somewhere around 11. That worked!! Why didn’t I think of that before. Just awful. I can’t believe I just fucked someone so they would go home. Of course I was sweet and a gentleman throughout. But who am I? Yikes!

Author: Matt

Hi, I’m Matt. Just your average uneventful guy. Going through something I couldn’t possible ever thought possible.

15 thoughts on “F#cking Dating – I Can’t Believe I Did That”

  1. This had me laughing out loud, my friend. You will just have to learn to be a bit more “rude” when it comes to these things 🙂
    Though…you did get a few orgasms out of it….so really, you weren’t too bad off…..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg this reminds me of a date I had been on that came to my home for dinner and blew up my bathroom. I threw him out when he laughed and said my bad. Lol I need to write a post about that day

    Liked by 1 person

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